All crew enter at their own risk and are recommended to take out their own insurance cover for any injury, loss of income etc.
We draw your attention particularly to the requirements for participants and the safety information set out below.

All entrants’ must

  • Be 18 or over on the day of the race.
  • Be physically fit and free of any medical condition which would place them or others at risk during the event
  • Be able to swim 200 metres and be confident in cold and fast flowing water
  • Wear a life jacket – this must not be of the automatic self-inflating type.
  • Wear suitable footwear and clothing.  Stout shoes/boots are recommended as you may have to walk on the rocky river bed to help move your raft especially in low water. It is recommended that entrants should also wear a wet or dry suit and a safety helmet of the lightweight cycle or canoe type
  • We need to emphasise that whilst every effort will be made to make the race as safe as possible, navigating a fast flowing river can be dangerous and you must be prepared to take responsibility for your own safety and that of the other members of your team.

Be aware of the following;

  • The river water and air temperature are likely to be cold – ensure that you are appropriately dressed throughout the event.
  • The safety equipment listed above is for your own protection – ensure that it is correctly fitted and worn at all times.
  • The river contains many natural hazards; weirs, rocks, trees etc. Where hazards have been marked keep clear of them. In places a compulsory route will be marked or indicated by marshals. You must follow this route.
  • River water can carry the risk of disease. Minimise the risk by covering any cuts and grazes and avoid drinking the water! If you should feel ill after the event, seek medical advice.
  •  First aid is available. If you require assistance contact one of the canoe marshals or the marshals at the checkpoints.
  •  Alcohol and sport do not mix! No alcohol is allowed at any time during the event.
  •  Follow the instructions of the marshals at all times. They are there for the safety of you and other participants.
  •  Because of the risk of exhaustion and hypothermia there will a maximum time to complete the event. Any rafts which have not reached the feeding station at Staverton 4 hours after they have started or any raft which has not reached Totnes Weir by 1600 will be removed from the river.
  • The organisers reserve the right to remove you and your raft from the event at any time if it is believed that you are not complying with the rules or that you are a danger to yourself or others.